Ferrara Fiorenza PC NYS Mandatory Workplace Harassment Prevention Training 2020

Ferrara Fiorenza PC NYS Mandatory Workplace Harassment Prevention Training 2020

  • $ 35000


All employers in New York State are legally required to adopt a sexual harassment prevention policy and conduct annual harassment prevention training for all of their employees.  The original policy and training requirements were amended in 2019. Accordingly, we have updated our online training module.

You can meet your compliance needs by purchasing this interactive web-based video training module created by the law firm of Ferrara Fiorenza PC.  This module is intended to satisfy your both your immediate compliance requirements as well as your follow-up compliance needs with new employees. 

The training module exceeds New York State's minimum requirements by:

  • addressing in detail other forms of unlawful workplace harassment beyond sex (e.g., race, religion, age, etc.);
  • recognizing and incorporating the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s guidance; and
  • providing practical suggestions for changing your workplace culture to end harassment once and for all.

Purchase of this module will also entitle you to:                                                       

  • A workplace harassment policy that meets the final requirements set forth by the NYS Dept. of Labor and Division of Human Rights as well as the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s guidance;
  • A sample complaint form meeting all legal requirements; and
  • An questionnaire for all your employees who view the program -- to help satisfy the interactive requirements of the law and provide you with a record that your employees were properly trained.

Order now and receive the policy and complaint form within minutes.  Thereafter, you will receive an email containing your login and access codes to view the training module -- and/or play the training module for your employees -- at your convenience.  Thereafter, have your new hires use the same login and access codes to take the training individually.

Please note that you will need to provide your employees with the a copy of your internal complaint form (feel free to use the one provided), an explanation of how an employee can lodge a complaint, the name or job title and contact information for the individual responsible for taking action when an internal complaint is filed.