Ferrara Fiorenza PC On-Demand Webinar - Workplace Harassment: The Climate Has Changed, What Employers Must Do Now

Ferrara Fiorenza PC On-Demand Webinar - Workplace Harassment: The Climate Has Changed, What Employers Must Do Now

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Workplace Harassment

The Climate Has Changed

What Employers Must Do Now

We have all heard detailed news accounts of high profile and shocking incidents of workplace harassment. Heightened media coverage and the #MeToo movement continue to shine a spotlight on this serious problem. Workplace harassment claims often blind-side employers. They are high-risk, expensive and perhaps the most difficult to defend of all employment related lawsuits.  Particularly frustrating for an employer is that despite repeated attempts at educating their workforces about policies and legal requirements, something is getting lost in the translation. Even workers that have undergone harassment training many times cannot seem to apply the rules to their everyday work lives. The result is unacceptable workplace conduct, lawsuits, and significant liability exposure.
This timely and informative webinar that addresses this “lost in translation” frustration for employers.   The experienced employment attorneys of Ferrara Fiorenza PC present a unique and innovative perspective on this topic, along with practical and meaningful harassment law compliance strategies.

 Topics include:

  • The challenging and ever-changing nature of harassment law. From its origins in federal case law in the 1980s to the present, the definition of harassment has continued to evolve. Compliance has become a moving target. Perhaps the greatest challenge for both employers and their employees is following the difficult to decipher “code of workplace conduct” made necessary by the law. The presenters will decipher the code for you.
  • A practical and useful explanation of harassment. Put the typical legal jargon aside – it’s not helping. Our webinar will offer participants an easy-to-understand-and-apply spectrum of behaviors that the law prohibits. Period. The broad range of that spectrum may surprise you.
  • Best practices in this new climate. The foundation of any employer’s compliance program is a strong anti-harassment policy, comprehensive training and the ability to apply a policy’s written word effectively. Our program will explore the EEOC’s current compliance rules and provide meaningful strategies for investigating complaints; reaching proper conclusions (even in “he-said, she-said” scenarios); taking appropriate remedial action; and preventing retaliation.

Who should view this webinar?

Owners, top managers, human resources staff, trainers and others associated with the development of strategies for managing people in your organization.

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